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Bringing out the best in you is what I do through deep and powerful coaching 

I believe in miracles, do-overs, and human potential - especially yours! 

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Bringing out the best in you is what I do through deep and powerful coaching 

I believe in miracles, do-overs, and human potential - especially yours! 

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Hey there! Have we met before?  

You have a huge capacity to create, inspire and serve at the highest level. Your superpower is solving problems with creativity and vision.

As a lifelong learner, you constantly seek to grow your knowledge and skills. And you’re the one others can always count on because you get the job done.

But lately, something feels off.

The positive feelings aren't flowing like they used to.

You have less gusto. More doubt.  

There's less satisfaction. More frustration.

And despite all that you've accomplished and sacrificed, you feel like something is still missing. 

But admit this out loud? No way! 

Because your problems are "nice to have." 


The two sides of talent.

Without a doubt you are gifted.

But could there also be a dark side to your gifts that is finally starting to catch up with you?

Despite your best intentions, you easily slip into familiar patterns of overworking, people pleasing, and catastrophizing.  

You say yes when you should say no. And when you do say no, the guilt makes you wish you had just said yes in the first place! 

Competitive much? Oh yeah! But constantly needing to prove yourself and be the top dog takes a toll.   

Your relationship with success? It's complicated! 

Success can look one way on the outside, and feel completely different on the inside.

Hands up if you know what I'm talking about! 

But success at the expense of your health, well-being, and relationships is success with an asterisk.* 

* The hardworking entrepreneur who dedicates her life to her company and misses family memories.

* The elite athlete who regiments every part of her life for the win in a sport she's grown to hate. 

* The devoted mom who takes care of everyone and everything and loses herself in the process.  

* The award-winning actor who charms audiences and wins endorsements yet suffers from addiction.

* The brilliant CEO who leads a great team to new heights, but feels incredibly lonely at the top. 

 What's your relationship with success right now?

Let's Discuss

Is there an asterisk* or two? 

You know you can succeed. You always have.

But now you are questioning, at what cost? 

Your old definitions of success may not feel right anymore.

You desire something more.

Is it more joy?

More confidence?

More connection?

More ease?

And it's not that you need your life to be easy - you just wish it didn't feel so hard sometimes. 

So how do you create a new normal that feels right and sustainable?   

If these are the thoughts that quietly gnaw at you, then you've come to an important crossroads in your life.

You've reached a point where you could just keep pushing and powering through (a familiar road, with familiar consequences) because that's what you've always done before . . . or . . .


You can slow down, pause, and listen.

You know how the quality of a relationship is determined by how well we listen?
That includes the relationship with ourselves. How is yours doing? 

This is an opportunity to have a deeper conversation with all the voices inside you to figure out what you really want in life, what matters most, and how you're going to create it.  

As your coach . . .

I'm here to help you have that honest conversation so you can hear the fullness of your potential and recognize the wisdom already inside of you.

When your story is amplified by a masterful coach and held steadily in trust by a fearless ally, transformation happens.


Learn More About Mary

I've always done things differently

I’m not here to sell you on coaching through scripts, guilt trips, or gimmicks. 

I know what it's like to book a free call and feel manipulated and pressured. You want to take a shower afterwards to wash off the ickiness.

That's not who I am or what I do. 

Instead, I'd like to invite you to have a deep and powerful coaching conversation - 

one that could even be life changing.

Experience the best of coaching with me.

See what it’s like to shift your perspective, connect with your deepest desires, and be challenged to take a stand for yourself and your dreams.  

You’ll gain clarity, find relief, and feel empowered.

If you want a refreshing and positive experience of coaching, get in touch. 

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Jeanette Deatherage 

USAF Veteran, Mary Kay Sales Director

Working with Mary has brought me a greater sense of wellbeing. The biggest shift for me was taking one step at a time. Mary helped me see that I had awesomeness inside of me the whole time. I'm so grateful because now I feel much more confident. Mary is a kind and brilliant coach who will bring out the best in you too! 

Emma Lombardi

Health Coach, Teacher

Working with Mary has given me the confidence and tools I need to pivot into a new career. Mary helped me work through my fears and misconceptions in order to realize that negative thoughts in my head are just that, thoughts. They are not facts and simply inhibit you from moving forward. Mary helped me switch my thinking pattern to the successful high performer I wanted to be. That shift in perspective has completely changed how I enter the day and interact with others. Through working with Mary I can see a clearer picture of what the future can be and what steps I need to take to get there. She is a wonderful, motivating coach who is not afraid to push you to where you need to be!

Dr. Deeawn Roundtree

CEO Roundtree Training & Consulting

Mary Gallagher's high performance coaching will truly bring clarity, self-awareness and confirmation to your goals and dreams. Her relatability and powerful questioning will catapult you to the next level of success.

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A coach tells you the truth when others won't.

A coach holds belief in you, even when you don't.

It's like Google or Siri for the really important things.

You learn how to thrive no matter what life brings.

The secret about coaching is that all the cool kids got one. 

And just can't imagine their lives without one (or two or three!)

Sure, you can do it alone. But why protest? 

Two heads are better than one when it comes to your success.

Be brave. Be humble. Amass a great team.

Work with a coach and create your life's dream! 

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