Your story. Your words. Your mission.  

Experience the Life Tapestry session 

Designed for coaches and other service professionals who want to share their story and connect with their ideal clients. 

This deep coaching experience is for rapid confidence and clarity! 

You'll see that your life is not a jumbled mess of threads, but a beautiful work of art - a tapestry - and a gift. 

Stop sounding like everyone else. Embrace authenticity. Be vulnerable. When clients see themselves in you, a connection is formed.

As a coach and writer, my gift is noticing the patterns of your life, highlighting your unique superpowers, and telling your story, in your own words, so that you stand out.


You're not meant to shine through a crack or from behind a shade. Your full radiance belongs in the sky. So get up there you fireball and light up this world with your gifts.

Watch Eric's Life Tapestry Narrative  

See how Eric's career experience at The White House and Smithsonian make him the perfect coach for DC's top leaders and job seekers.  

Eric Woodward 

High Performance Career Coach 

As someone who spends a lot of time thinking about personal narratives and the stories people tell themselves, I thought I had a pretty good handle for my own life story. But when I was lucky enough to do a Life Tapestry with Mary - it blew me away! Not only did the experience far exceed my expectations but it was so much fun. It was amazing to experience firsthand how Mary's excellent coaching seems to effortlessly lead to such tremendous insight. Going through the Life Tapestry with Mary was such a blast and I learned so much - I feel so grateful, glad, and lucky to have had this experience. Mind totally blown, in a good way. Thanks Mary!

How it works:

  • We'll start with a 2 hour coaching session via Zoom. I'll draw out your life story. I'll ask you deep questions and guide you through a series of exercises to highlight where you've been and still want to go.

    You'll connect with your soul's mission. By busting the myth of not good enough, you'll see that where you are now is exactly where you are meant to be. Your past is a badge of strength, not shame. Everything you've done up until this point has prepared you for your next level of growth and service. Are you ready to fly?

    This session alone will give you a powerful reflection of who you are at your core and the incredible impact you can make.

    But there's more . . .

  • After this session, I'll compose a Life Tapestry Narrative for you. (About 400 words.) 
    Written from your perspective, it'll tell your unique story and speak to your ideal client, if relevant.

    I'll connect the dots and show you the beautiful life tapestry you have created. It'll make you say "Wow!" and give you a new take on yourself and your future. It's your ticket out of self-doubt. Your manifesto of what's possible. 

  • Then we'll meet again on Zoom for a short 15-minute session. I'll present your Life Tapestry Narrative and we'll discuss what resonates and what's next for you. 

  • You'll receive a copy of your Life Tapestry Narrative for your own personal and business use.


Launching the real, authentic you 

You've got a mission. You've got a message. But when it comes to sharing it with the world - you're stuck. I can help you push through that. 

It can be hard to tell our own stories because we're often blind to our greatest gifts. Plus, we worry way too much about what other people will think.

It's easy to get stuck in the online-comparison trap and feel like you're not good enough or ready yet.

And the worst thing you can do is model off of other websites. Now you sound just like everyone one else. You're palatable. But no one is craving you! 

It's time to own your story with a Life Tapestry Session so your people can find you.

Watch Kathryn's Life Tapestry Narrative  

Kathryn's a multi-talented transformational life coach with a message for birth moms. 

Who it's for . . .  

  • Coaches, healers, creatives, and heart-centered service professionals who want to step out of the shadows and stand out to their clients. 
  • People with imposter syndrome who think I'm new at this and I'm a baby coach. The Life Tapestry Session will shut. that. down. once and for all because the truth is, you've been doing this your whole life. I can show you. 
  • People who want to connect - first with themselves - and then with their audiences from a place of authenticity. 
  • People who are tired of running from the past, pretending it didn't happen, and are ready to tell their whole story.
  • *Hint, hint: You need to tell your story, the whole story, so that your people can find you. 
  • People who want to break free from self-limiting beliefs and step into their power and purpose with confidence and joy. 

Who it's NOT for . . .

  • People who care about SEO. I don't write Life Tapestry Narratives for SEO. I write for your true self and soul's purpose.  
  • People who are afraid to be real. I'm going to ask you deep questions. This only works if you are willing to answer truthfully and open yourself up to vulnerability. 
  • People who believe they're perfect and want a perfect story to reflect that. I'm not interested in how perfect you are. I want to know where you've stumbled, failed, persevered, and doubted. Your clients want to know that too. That's what makes you real and makes them want to work with you. 
  • People who always ask for refunds, rounds of editing, and are generally dissatisfied with life. This is not a copywriting service. There are no refunds or edits. If you commit fully, I promise to see you, celebrate you, and spotlight the real you!

Kathryn Marie 

Transformational Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Birth Mom

Mary Gallagher creates an enthralling tapestry by using your own words and weaving them together into a beautiful, eloquent, concise narrative about who you authentically are, your “lifetime of experience”, and how others can benefit from that. It is near impossible to do this ourselves because we bring in our internal conversations, judgements, and expectations that block us from seeing how our life journey is connected to our purpose. Having a professional like Mary guide me through the process, while creating a safe space for me to be open and vulnerable allowed me to share freely.  As a result, the finished product allows people to really get and connect with me and see with what I can do for them.

Schedule your Life Tapestry Session

Your story. Your words. Your mission. Let's connect the dots so you stand out. 

Watch Stephanie's Life Tapestry Narrative  

 Stephanie is a leadership coach and author, but finding the right words to tell her story was holding her back. Not anymore!

Stephanie Kunkel 

Leadership Coach

Mary takes the time to listen and understand. Through an amazing line of questioning and her spectacular gift of making people feel open enough to speak from the heart, she gathered enough information to transform my business. I feel renewed and incredibly mission focused now whereas before I felt as if I just didn’t know which way I should go. Ask her about her life tapestry session! It’s worth her weight in gold!