Frequently Asked Questions 

Who Would Win? 

Have you ever seen the popular Who Would Win? kids' books before? They pit Tiger vs. Lion, Grizzly vs. Polar Bear, etc. and let you figure out which creature would win in a battle.

Think about all the parts of you in your life right now. Who would win?

The part of you that knows you can do amazing things and make a real impact in the world, or the part of you that doubts and discredits yourself? 

Who would win? The part of you that can do more, be more, and serve more, or the part of you that is afraid to fail and put yourself out there?

Who would win? The part of you that feels stuck and hates uncertainty or the part of you that is open, curious, and confident in your ability to figure anything out?

As your Certified High Performance Coach, I'll make sure the best parts of you always win in all areas of your life.

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