Sunday, June 4

@ 3:00-5:00 pm EST

Complimentary Zoom Workshop 

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Feeling Rusty?

Enrollment rust can happen.

It builds up quietly, passively, and then BAM!

It's like a stiff knee giving out. And you limp away from the conversation saying, “Yikes, I’m kinda rusty!” 

I sometimes hear this from my clients who are coaches. 

Maybe you've experienced this too? 


Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate the rust for good?

You can! And you don't have to always be enrolling to do it (unless you want to). 

Because sometimes our lives, our health, and our schedules mean we can’t always be enrolling.

And there is no shame or wrongness in that.

Last fall I had a major health issue that required me to press pause on enrollment for months.

And when I returned to the enrollment game at the start of this year, I didn't experience rustiness. 



Because I have a system I love for enrollment.

I've developed an "enrollment conversation journey" that is easy to execute, fun to tailor, and keeps me feeling well-oiled, flexible, and confident for every enrollment conversation. It also creates a deep transformational experience for potential clients.

So, yes indeed! You can stay enrollment-fit, confident, and stuck on ready. 

It's time to bust the rust! 


This workshop is the rust antidote.

It's the steel wool and vinegar solution you’ve been craving (subconsciously of course!)

In This Workshop, You Will:

  • Understand the Enrollment Journey, Your Role, and the Key Transformation Opportunities
  • Learn the 5 Must-Do’s and Must-Don’ts for Powerful Enrollment Conversations
  • Create a Mindset Routine for Serving, Trusting, and Unattaching
  • Take Away a Self-Assessment Tool to Stay Sharp and in Learning Mode
  • Feel Confident and Joy for your Practice - and Actually Want to Go Practice, Practice, Practice. 

Mary empowered me to take the necessary steps to build my coaching business. Mary created accountability and frameworks for me to take action towards connecting with clients and creating successful experiences for my clients. 

My biggest takeaway from Mary’s coaching was that your mindset is the biggest piece holding you back and Mary is an expert at identifying what is keeping you from being your best and how to recognize it so you can make real progress.

~ Emma Lomardi, Health Coach

When I started talking with Mary, I was afraid to even think about what my dreams and goals might be. I had dreams, but I had convinced myself none of them would actually happen. Now I am excited to list them out and brainstorm steps to keep working on each one. In my time working with her, I signed up for and ran two 5K's- something I had never done before. I challenged myself to be on time to appointments in all areas of my life, and actually did it. I expanded my own financial coaching business and got serious about it after years of dabbling. Mary showed me that I have choices in my career and my relationships.

Mary is warm but demanding, and she pushed me to see that I (and only I) can create the life that I want. As a business coach, Mary taught me specific ways to reach out to people, start conversations, and expand my client list. She gave me so much new language that I feel confident using- not salesly, but genuine and interested in others and their stories. I'm so thankful for everything that I learned in working with Mary. 

~ Anna Gustafson, Financial Coach

Meet Mary Gallagher, A Coach's Coach:

Mary Gallagher is a professional life and business coach who is passionate about helping people actualize their full potential and create their heartfelt dreams. She works with a wide range of clients - including coaches - who want to make what feels impossible possible and lead authentic and empowered lives. 

She has been personally coached by Melissa Ford, Carolyn Freyer Jones and Amber Kryzs and is a student of Steve Chandler's Online ASC. In her first year as a full-time coach, she made multiple six-figures simply by using the Prosperous Coach Approach.   

Affectionately known as the Action-Activator by many of her clients, she loves this profession and all the growth opportunities it provides.

Complimentary Zoom Workshop 

We're going to put the "work" in workshop with exercises, role plays, open coaching, and more!

Learn the "enrollment conversation journey" template and then make it your own! 

Get Re-Energized on Enrollment

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