3 DO's and a DON'T for Client Enrollment + Join the Workshop

Three different people showed up in my DM’s this month using the same script and promise of "I'll teach you to rapidly enroll clients with predictability and ease."

A simple search revealed they were part of a "school" that teaches "Client Capture Systems"

Yes, you read that right → Client. Capture. Systems.

Do you like the feeling of being captured?

I sure don’t. And their messages definitely had that stalking, creepy, invasive vibe.

It made me want to run away and fight back all at once.

And are they really a client if you’ve captured them? Hostage is more accurate!

Don’t capture clients.

Create them.

Three Steps to Creating Clients

1. Slow down, get curious, enter a person’s world and help them solve their biggest problems. Breathe life into their heartfelt dreams!

This happens best in 2-3 enrollment conversations where the potential client (PC) gets to experience your fearless coaching and starts to see their world in new ways.

2. Ask powerful questions like:

  • What’s your relationship like with dreaming?
  • What lens do you see the world through?
  • How do you feel about things being messy?
  • What if your answer is actually already inside you, waiting for you to slow down and listen?
  • Your questions open new doors and support transformation.

3. Say what you see and take a stand for the PC's potential and possibilities.

Don't hold back. Be fearless. Go for the big transformation knowing you may never talk again.

If you're open to learning new things in enrollment and want to have powerful coaching conversations (not capture systems), join me in my complimentary workshop for coaches.



Date: Sunday, June 4

Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pm EST

Zoom Workshop


You’ll learn:

  • The enrollment conversation journey and how to tailor it for your style.
  • The 5 essential steps for transformation in enrollment conversations.
  • Pre-convo mindset work to lead and serve at your best.
  • Proposal language and what to do with a yes or no.


Would love to serve you inside this workshop!



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